Lars Kolind (b. 1947) studied Mathematics and Business Administration. Kolind has been a management consultant, Vice President at Risø National Laboratory and CFO at Radiometer. Lars Kolind became world-renowned for his transformation of Oticon, where he was CEO from 1988 to 1998. He is, or has been, chairman of the World Scout Foundation, Grundfos, Wemind and Unimerco. Kolind wrote the bestseller The Second Cycle and is an adjunct professor at Aarhus University.

Jacob Bøtter (b. 1986) is a self-taught management consultant. While in high school Bøtter started a virtual design agency, which grew to include more than 300 designers in over 50 countries. In 2005 he founded the consultancy Wemind through which he has advised more than 100 companies and two prime ministers, on how to radically improve their organizations based on what happened on the internet during the last 15 years. He wrote the bestseller NQ and is today a sought-after speaker in Denmark and abroad.


Jacob and Lars are not the only authors of UNBOSS. The book was written by a large number of people around the globe, some of whom are:

Adrian Simpson

British management consultant, spotting innovative companies through Wavelength.

Aidan Jones

British leader.

Andreas Kolind

Head of Sales for Grundfos in Brazil.

Bjarne Tveskov

Bjarne came up with the term “UNBOSS”.

Carla Casilli

American blogger on media psychology.

Christian Bjerring

Former head of marketing for Tryg and DSB.

Christoffer Malling

Consultant at Wemind.

Darin Phanthusak

Thai leader.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Danish-American entrepreneur and author.

Doina Postica


Ekkehard Kuppel

German leader.

Frank Calberg

Swiss consultant.

Frank Levinson

American incubator.

Heidi Anttila

Researcher in health and welfare in Finland.

Helena Roth

Swedish consultant.

Helle Egdal

Danish consultant in HR.

Humphrey Lau

Director for Grundfos in China.

Jakob Boman

Consultant at Wemind.

Jan Christensen

PR and social media at LEGO.

Jens Kolind

Lars’ son. Consultant at BCG.

João Armando


Johan Holst Nielsen

Consultant at Wemind.

Johan Strid


Johnnie Moore

British blogger and consultant.

Karen Broholm


Kristian Kolind

Lars’ son. Consultant at Quartz+Co.

Lærke Ullerup

Consultant at Wemind.

Lars Duvander Højholt

Journalist. Member of the editorial team.

Lasse Lundberg Andreasen

Journalist. Member of the editorial team.

Lisbet Thyge Frandsen

SVP, People & Strategy at Grundfos.

Madeleine Sundell


Marie Tielbo

Jacob’s girlfriend. Community manager at Jobzonen.

Mark Knippenberg


Martin Ferro-Thomsen

Danish entrepreneur. Co-founder of Issuu.

Martin Gaard Christiansen

Director of AP-Møller Maersk Terminals, Asia Region.

Mette Olsen

Leader for sustainability at Maersk.

Mike Bosman

Entrepreneur from South Africa.

Mike Deri Smith

Journalist. Member of the editorial team.

Morten Just

Blogger and designer, works for Google.

Morten Langkjær

Creative director. Member of the editorial team.

Niels Ulrich Pedersen

Danish CEO.

Ole Kassow

Consultant at Wemind.

Pernille Rype

Journalist. Member of the editorial team.

Peter Munch-Madsen

Journalist. Member of the editorial team.

Peter Owen

Journalist. Member of the editorial team.

Rasmus Schjødt Pedersen

Consultant at Wemind.

Renato Eugenio de Lima

Brazilian professor

Rolf Høegh

Danish real-estate agent.

Ronni Tino Pedersen

Consultant at Wemind.

Sanne Maja Funch Christensen

Journalist. Member of the editorial team.

Sarah Rita Kattan

Scout from Lebanon.

Soulaima Gourani

Danish author and speaker.

Steen Lykke Rasmussen

Danish consultant.

Sune Aagaard

Journalist and editor of the book in its early phases. Member of the editorial team.

Thomas Maarup

Leader from the Danish Ministry of Finance.

Thor Dekov Buur


Thor Martin Jensen

Also known as “Copenhipster”. Blogger.

Tim Ørting Jørgensen

Executive Vice President at Arla.

Torsten Kolind

Lars’ son, CEO of YouNoodle in Silicon Valley.

Uffe Elbæk

Party Leader of The Alternative

Valentina A. Nekhorochko

Russian accountant.

Vemund Ovesen


Vibeke Riemer

Lars’ wife. President of Olave Baden-Powell Society

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