By buying the book you’ll support the World Organization of the Scout Movement, as all of our royalties are sent directly to them. You’ll help educate the leaders of tomorrow, not boost the bank accounts of some Danish authors.

English edition in print

UNBOSSWe went through hoops to make the print edition of the book feel perfect. It’s printed on some of the most luxurious paper available for books and hardcover bound with orange canvas. So even though you might prefer a digital version on your Kindle, consider making this one of the rare physical books on your bookshelf.

You can buy the book directly or through Amazon.

English edition in digital

UNBOSSWe have tried to push some of the limits of current e-books, by applying videos, images, sounds and graphics only available for this platform.

You can buy the book for your iPad through Apple, Kindle through Amazon, Nook through Barnes & Noble and ePub through many merchant, including Sony Reader Store.

Danish edition in print

UNBOSSThe original Danish edition can be purchased through most Danish book stores and lent from hundreds of libraries. Find the cheapest print edition through or lend it through

Danish edition in digital

UNBOSSYou can get the Danish digital edition for either your iPad through Apple or ePub for other devices through