If you read the book and feel like you need to get deeper into how to really become an unbossed and unlimited company, you might consider one of these options.

Firstly, some of our good friends at DNA Academy created the “original UNBOSS education”. A Danish acaddemy-style education with a curriculum based on UNBOSS. The teachers will be practioners of the UNBOSS mindset. The curriculum consist of six modules, spanning over two and a half years. You can read more in Danish here: http://danishnetworkassociation.dk/ta-den-orginale-unboss-uddannelse/

Secondly, my co-author Lars Kolind is running a master class this september at his home. This will be a very exclusive event gathering just 24 people over the course of 24 hours to dig deep into the world of unbossed companies and organizations. Read more in Danish here: http://highperformance.dk/kurser.php?id=12

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