Yesterday more than 200 people showed up to hear about UNBOSS at Pressen in central Copenhagen. This was actually the first public performance by Lars and I together, and we were therefore both excited and extremely nervous before the event.

To make sure we continuously develop these kinds of events, we chose at the end to eat our own dog food! We asked the crowd to score our talk on the Net Promoter Score scale and to give us some feedback on how to improve. More than half, 112 respondents, chose to do so! They all got the same question: “How likely is it, on a scale of 0–10 where 10 is best, that you would recommend this talk to a friend or colleague?” Here are the results:

For those who are not familiar with the Net Promoter Score (which we also explain and promote in our book), here’s a brief explanation on how to read the scores:

All red scores are detractors, meaning that these people are likely to talk negatively about this event and not recommend it to friends or family. If you’re fanatical about your NPS score, you should know that most detractors can’t be moved enough to go out of the red (except perhaps for the 6’s)—so you simply have to stop doing business with these people. That is, of course, if you’re fanatical about this.

All yellow scores are neutral, people who are also unlikely to recommend this talk—but at least they would not talk negatively about it. This is usually where you have your potential; here you can actually move people into the green.

All green scores are promoters, the people who will actually recommend this talk to friends and colleagues.

You calculate your Net Promoter Score (which is number between -100 and +100), you subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. In our case our score comes out at +53, which is extremely good for this kind of thing.

Are you working with NPS in your business? How does it work in larger systems? Has it improved your sales, marketing or something else?

7 thoughts on “Eating our own dog food

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